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Virtual Staging

Presenting a home in its best condition is crucial when making a positive impression on a potential buyer. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 20% of 2022 homebuyers increased their offer on a home by 1% to 5% because the home was staged. 

But not everyone has the budget or wants the potential complication of a live staging, so Virtual Staging offers an alternative option to demonstrate what a space can be used for and provide more visual interest as buyers browse your listing. According to a 2019 report, doing virtual home staging (a graphic editor digitally designs a room using virtual furniture and decor) instead of physical home staging can reduce staging costs by up to 97%. 

7 Statistics about the Process of Home Staging

Home staging is not the same as interior design. When you decorate or design a home, you should be customizing the style and functionality to a specific person or family. When you're staging a home, you need to appeal to a wide audience of potential buyers.

The process of traditional home staging is a pretty big undertaking. First, you need to schedule a design consultation. Then, you'll likely need to remove the existing furniture if that hasn't been done already--this is not good news if the sellers were planning on staying in the home while it's on the market!

Finally, you'll need to schedule a time for the stager to bring in all the rest of the furniture and decor before you can photograph and list the property.

  • Traditional staging takes approximately 1-2 weeks (The Staging ConsultantNorthern Lights Staging)

  • Only 31% of listing agents stage all homes before listing them for sale (NAR)

  • 13% of listing agents said they only stage homes that are difficult to sell (NAR)

  • The three most common rooms staged are the living room (90%), kitchen (80%), primary bedroom (78%), and dining room (69%) (NAR)

  • According to buyers, the living room is the most important room to be staged (46%), followed by the primary bedroom (43%) and kitchen (35%) (NAR)

  • 39% of agents staged home offices (NAR)

  • Only 22% of agents stage children's bedrooms, making them the least common rooms to stage (NAR)


Welton Media regularly provides Virtual Staging to agents who are marketing a vacant property or properties with dated furniture. NAR has provided a useful graphic to keep in mind when considering what spaces to Virtually Stage.

Welton Media Virtual Staging
Welton Media Virtual Staging
Welton Media Virtual Staging
Welton Media Virtual Staging
Welton Media Virtual Staging
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