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Twilight Photography

If you've searched for a home lately you have probably noticed some listings have a main photo that appears as if it was taken at sunset, with an eye-catching sky and ambient lighting. This is a Twilight photo, and Welton Media provides two options that are intended to make your listing stand out among the rest to potential buyers. A 2022 Zillow study found that "listings that contained a Twilight Image as the listing's main photo averaged 76% more views than listings without the use of twilight images." This is one more tool you can use to get your seller's home more attention, likely resulting in more showings and offers. 

Live Twilights

Live Twilight photos are captured in the evening, over a period of time spanning from sunset and about 30 minutes after. Several photos are taken and composited together with a proprietary lighting and editing style, resulting in stunning, attractive photos that are sure to make the home standout among the other homes on a search page. Live twilights are a great way to show outdoor living areas and add a welcoming feeling to exterior photos. Patio, deck, and front porch lighting is put on display, accented by the glow of interior lights. Welton Media offers a 5 photo Twilight package. 

Virtual Twilights

Virtual Twilights, also called 'day to dusk' photos, are a great alternative to Live Twilights. Virtual Twilights are created by applying specialized editing techniques to a daytime photo, causing it to appear as if it was captured at sunset. Exterior and interior lights are added and a sunset sky replaces the daytime sky, along with many other finishing touches. Welton Media offers Virtual Twilights as an add-on to your photo appointment as a part of several Value Bundles.

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