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3D Tours & Floorplans

Sixty-seven percent of buyers say they want to see floor plans on listings and 58% say they want to see virtual tours over photography alone, according to the 2021 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report, conducted by the National Association of REALTORS®.

And that's just the beginning.

Real estate listings with a virtual home tour were found to get 87% more views, leading to potential buyers spending 5-10 times longer on websites with a virtual tour than those without. In fact, buyers were found to be more likely to schedule an in-person showing after seeing a virtual tour​ after a study found that 54% of buyers won’t even consider seeing a house if it doesn’t include a virtual tour. 

And if that's not reason enough to try a virtual tour for your next listing, the study also found that homes sold with virtual tours sold for 9% more on average than those homes without one and listings with virtual tours closed 31% quicker than those not featuring a tour. 

....And one more interesting statistic:  25% of home sellers prefer to work with a real estate agent that uses virtual tours for marketing their houses. 

In this digital age of home buyers who may be searching from afar, virtual tours provide the flexibility to see a house without the interference of work schedules, family commitments, or other showings. In our lovely state of Michigan, we all know the weather can fluctuate. With a virtual tour, the weather doesn’t have to interfere with buyers taking a more in-depth look inside. 

Welton Media offers several types of tours for you to choose from because not every property is the same. Take a look at our options below!

Matterport 3D

The Matterport 3D virtual tour is a premium service that gives potential buyers their own private showing without having to step foot inside. Though it's not a substitute for an actual in-person showing, its value lies in informing potential buyers how a property is designed, demonstrates size, and captures a more realistic concept of the structure than relying on photos alone. 

Zillow 3D

Welton Media Zillow 3D Tour

The Zillow 3D tour is an interactive tour hosted by Think of it as a simplified Matterport Tour with an extra perk. When your property has a Zillow 3D Tour, the website gives it a 'boost' to make it one of the first listings potential buyers see when viewing the geographical area. This not only puts your listing in front of more viewers, it also gives them an interactive view of how the property is laid out.


Full Feature with measurements

Welton Media provides floorplans

Say goodbye to boring floorplan photos! Welton Media adds flair to your floorplan, making it truly all about the property. With a proprietary design and color scheme, your floorplans will also include approximate measurements and permanent fixtures.

3D Floorplan

Welton Media provides 3D floorplans

Add another dimension to your floorplan by giving potential buyers a realistic look inside the home. The 3D Floorplan is a virtual display of the home, with permanent fixtures, and includes major pieces of existing furniture. If the home is vacant and empty, the 3D Floorplan adds virtual furniture to show potential buyers what could fit in the empty space. It also shows the colors of existing finishes in the home, such as flooring and paint. When you order a 3D Floorplan, it also includes a 2D floorplan.

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