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Prepare for your appointment

Thank you for choosing Welton Media! My photography technique and editing are intended to showcase your property in the best light possible, and I'd like to share some ways that can make it stand out even more. These are easy ways to reduce distractions prior to and during your appointment, and prepare your home for not just photos, but future showings.

1) Move unwanted items prior  to your appointment

Do you have any items that you don't want seen in a photo? Move them to an area that’s not going to be photographed, such as a closet, garage, or utility room. Take a look at the list below for ideas to help you decide what to move, remove, and organize. If you need more assistance, your agent may have a staging/organizing consultant that can help. If you don't have much time to prepare, focus on the kitchen, living room, primary bedroom, main bathroom and front exterior of the home. 

2) Keep pets contained or take them for a ride

I love animals. However, I ask that pets be in a contained area, or removed from the property during the shoot. This is to avoid pets from ending up in a photo, pets becoming distressed from flash photography, and unfortunate accidents or harm to the photographer and equipment. 

3) Choose a 'hangout room'/reduce occupants

It's best to schedule your appointment when the number of occupants is low, but I know that's not always possible. If you can't avoid several occupants from being in the home, what typically works best is to choose a designated 'hangout room' (usually a bedroom, office, basement) that I will photograph first, and then you are all set to relax there while I photograph the rest of the home. This greatly reduces the chance that someone accidentally ends up in a photo and keeps the shoot running smoothly.


  • Move any trash bins into the garage

  • Close garage doors

  • Move vehicles into the garage, or away from the front of the home (end of the driveway or to the street)

  • Tidy up landscaping (mow, rake, maintain bushes and flower beds)

  • Remove any debris, toys, animal waste, tools, etc from the yard

  • Clear snow and ice from walkways and driveway

  • Arrange outdoor furniture (open any patio umbrellas)

  • Ensure any pools or water features are clean and clear

  • Clean front door/entrance areas and floor mats

  • Wash windows & mirrors

  • Knock down cobwebs or old bird nests (if there are active nests, please do not disturb)


  • Vacuum/dust/mop floors

  • Wipe down appliances and cabinets

  • Open window curtains/shades

  • Turn on lights/lamps (photographer will do this upon arrival if needed)

  • Replace any burned out lightbulbs

  • Move shoes/clothing to a closet

  • Remove magnets/photos from refrigerator

  • Remove dishes/sponges/soaps from sink & countertops

  • Remove extra items from countertop and dining room table

  • Remove pet toys/animal bowls/litter from view

  • Remove pet hair from furniture

  • Ensure any pet stains are treated and removed as much as possible

  • Declutter mantle/tables 

  • Make beds, arrange pillows

  • Remove personal items, medications, toiletries from view in bedrooms and bathrooms

  • Lower toilet lids

  • Put away laundry

  • Wipe down/sanitize light switch plates, doorknobs, along the edges of doors (dirt and oil can build up over time)


  • Stage the dining room table with place settings

  • Remove personal photos from walls/tables

  • Use neutral colors when decorating (tan/beige, white, dark blue, sage green are great neutrals)

  • Display fresh, neatly folded towels in the bathrooms

  • Touch up any holes or knicks in walls

  • Deep clean or hire a pro to clean the entire home

  • Add a flower pot or 2 to the front and back porch/deck

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