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Service Terms

Booking, Cancellation, & Return Trip Policy

Booking: New customers should view past listing photos HERE to view previous work products by Welton Media, as every photography service has their own style and editing.  To make an appointment for services, please visit the "Book Now" link in the website menu. When determining your desired appointment date/time, it’s recommended that your appointment be at least 5 days prior to your listing date to have the best chance of reserving your ideal appointment day & time.


Return Trip Policy: Please utilize the cancellation policy if it appears that weather or any other circumstances beyond your control may be an issue. Weather can be a factor when scheduling certain services. This is especially true when ordering aerial/drone photos or videos containing aerial/drone footage. Rain, wind, and fog pose a danger to the equipment and its surroundings, resulting in 'no fly' status. Please plan as far in advance as you can and check a dependable weather report prior to placing an order. If weather or requests for additional services not included in your original order cause a return trip to the property, a $25 return trip fee will be added to the final invoice for properties located in Barry County. All other locations outside of Barry County have a return trip fee of $25 + $1.30/mile from the Barry County line. 

Cancellation Policy: Any cancellations shall be made at a minimum of 4 hours prior to your scheduled appointment to avoid an inconvenience fee. Cancelled appointments are encouraged to be rescheduled for a future available date/time. 


Inconvenience Policy: Please ensure that your clients are made aware of the day & time of their scheduled appointment. If upon arrival the residence is not accessible (no way for me to enter and/or safely work) or the owner does not allow the appointment to take place, a $75 inconvenience fee will be invoiced. 


Barry County Hometown Discount:  For homes located within Barry County, Welton Media will take $15 off your Photo package when you use the coupon code SELLBARRY at checkout. This discount is only applicable when you order a Basic, Premium, Luxury or standalone Drone photo package or Value Bundles for a property located within Barry County, Michigan. Orders with improperly used codes will be billed the original amount. Offer expires 12/17/24. Welton Media reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer at anytime.

Promo codes: only 1 promo code may be used per order. 

Weekend Appointments:

Weekend appointments are available on select dates throughout the year. Weekend dates that are available on the Welton Media Booking Form are not subject to a Weekend Fee. 

Additional availability may be provided on a case by case basis, please contact 517-604-1700 to make a request. Requests will be considered but are not guaranteed. These appointments will be subject to a Weekend Fee:

Barry County homes: $20

Homes outside of Barry County: $40

Included Services 

Photo count is included in the description on the Pricing page and Welton Media Booking Form. The photographer will take as many photos to accurately represent the property, with respect to your ordered photo package. These photos are typically wide angle photos and are meant to capture the scale and layout of the property, focusing on the inside of the structure and the overall front and rear exterior. Particular areas of focus are on the main living areas, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. If there are specific areas you'd like me to focus on or to avoid, please communicate them to me prior to the shoot. 

Photos of amenities such as clubhouses, golf courses, playgrounds, lake access sites, etc, may be photographed per your request and space can be made in your photo count to accommodate these photos. Please note that this will reduce photos of the primary property to accommodate the amenity photos. Any access to shared/common areas must be provided by an authorized party (owner, tenant, club member, etc).

Pricing for floorplan service is based on a single structure (ie: single family residence). For additional structures (barns, pole buildings, detached garages, etc), a separate service must be ordered to accommodate each building you want scanned. Floorplans generally do not include outdoor areas.


Photo Delivery 

Timeframe: Photos are available for download within 24 hours after the end of your appointment. 

Value Bundles, Videos, floorplans, and virtual/live twilights can take longer to process but are generally delivered 24- 30 hours after the end of your appointment. Please contact me at 517-604-1700 for time-sensitive requests. 

Method of Delivery: Photos, videos & floorplans are delivered digitally via HDPhotoHub. When your order is complete, you will receive an email letting you know that your products are complete and available to download. Listing Videos are also uploaded to the Welton Media YouTube channel (exclusive links will be shared with you via email)


Zillow 3D tours are automatically uploaded to Zillow will be displayed when you make your listing live. Matterport Tour links are delivered in your completion email.

If you ordered the Marketing Kit/Property Website, all of your photos and media will be on the website and you will get all of your links to your media and marketing kit/website in your completion email. Tutorial links for editing your marketing kit/property website are also in your completion email. 

Edits & Re-Shoots

Customers should view past listing photos HERE to view previous work products by Welton Media, as every photography service has their own style and editing. Editing & style (flash photography vs HDR, composition) are generally 'baked-in' to the photography service's workflow and are what differentiate the photography service from other service providers. 


Any requests for touch-up of photos must be made within 24 hours of receiving the finished product. Touch-ups include: brightening/darkening, color correction, increasing/decreasing contrast, and item removal. Touch-up requests will be considered and quoted depending on what the request is and if it can be completed without compromising the rest of the photo.


If a return to the property is requested to satisfy any additional services that were not included in the original order or to have additional photos taken, a $25 return trip fee will be added to the final invoice for properties located in Barry County. All other locations outside of Barry County have a return trip fee of $25 + $1.30/mile from the Barry County line.

Requests for a total re-shoot will be treated as a new service order and charged according to the most current Service Menu. No refunds or credits will be issued for services rendered. 



Safety is a top priority. If conditions within a property are deemed to be unsafe by the photographer and the appointment cannot continue, no liability will be assumed by the photographer for failing to provide ordered services. If the appointment must be terminated by the photographer due to unsafe conditions, you may be responsible for a $75 inconvenience fee. 

Animals shall be under the control of the owner or in a secure location that prevents contact with the photographer during the appointment.

Please consider the condition of the residence and its contents when booking your appointment. 


Travel within the counties of Allegan, Barry, Calhoun, Eaton, Ionia, Kent, Muskegon, Ottawa, Kalamazoo,  and Van Buren is free of charge. Service is not typically provided outside of these counties. To make an inquiry for service outside the service area please contact 517-604-1700.


Payment is required at the time of booking through the booking page. Other forms of payment may be arranged on a case by case basis. Partial payments are not accepted.


Orders may require a signed service & licensing agreement prior to the appointment.

If you have prepaid for services and the appointment cannot be rescheduled, you will receive a refund in the form of a check. 


Care is always taken while photographing homes and properties. Jessica Welton (dba Welton Media) accepts no responsibility for any damage or breakages during this process. Jessica Welton (dba Welton Media) shall not be held liable for any legal action, claim or damages resulting from or arising out of the publication of the photographs or other usage of media.


Rental properties that are currently leased and/or contain the property of tenants require the presence of an agent, owner of the property, and/or legal representative during the photo shoot. If the property is vacant with no current tenants, this requirement does not apply and no accompaniment is needed.

Photos for rental advertising may only be used when ordered under the "Long Term/Short Term Rental" category. A license agreement must be fully signed prior to the appointment. 

Copyright & Retention 

The Copyright for all photographs, videos, and other content captured and delivered while rendering services remain with Welton Media and are protected under local and international copyright laws. Copyright is not transferable. Your purchase is a license for digital & print use for advertising the sale of a single property unless a separate license agreement exists. This license is non-transferable to any party and shall not be used by another party without written permission from Welton Media and a fee may be assessed. 

Photos may not be used for rental advertising unless ordered under the " Long Term/Short Term Rentals" category and issued a written license agreement.

All images will be available for download upon delivery. It's recommended that you download your images and other media and save them to your computer, external drive, or cloud-based platform. No original (RAW) files will be provided. Sites will be archived 1 month after the property is shown to be sold on consumer websites.

Welton Media reserves the right to use any images and/or media for advertising or portfolio purposes. 

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