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Frequently (and some not-so-frequently) Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

Making an appointment is very convenient! In the website menu, click on "Book Now", and you will be directed to the booking page. 

What can I do to prepare for my appointment?

Preparing for your appointment is very important for how your home will appear in photos and the efficiency of the appointment. I have created a comprehensive list of preparation tips for you and/or your clients to use. In the website menu, click "Preparation Tips" to view the information. You may even download a PDF document with the information to print and put in your listing packet for your client! When you make an appointment, your confirmation email will also have a link to this excellent resource. 

How many photos should I order?

Each photo package is based on what can normally be expected to capture all rooms and areas inside and outside of a property. Generally, you can expect at least 1 photo to be taken of every bedroom and bathroom, 3 photos of the kitchen and living room, and 5 photos of the exterior. The remaining photos are taken of any additional rooms/levels/areas of the home or additional views of the bedrooms, bathrooms, and exterior. Every home is different, and emphasis is given to the main living areas. Consider how many bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, kitchen and dining areas, basements, exterior features, and additional buildings are on the property when deciding on photo count. The inside of garages, walk-in closets, and pantries are not usually photographed unless requested or the photo count allows for it. If you order a photo package and think you may need more photos, you may request to upgrade your order or make a note stating that you will allow any additional photos to be edited and charged to your final invoice for $5/photo.

What areas do you serve?

I primarily serve Barry County and its surrounding counties. Counties served include: Allegan, Barry, Calhoun, Eaton, Ionia, Kent, Muskegon, Ottawa, Kalamazoo, and Van Buren counties. Properties located in Barry County are entitled to the Barry County Hometown Discount by using promo code "SELLBARRY" at checkout. Appointment requests outside of these counties may be considered, but are not guaranteed.

How long will my appointment take?

A photo appointment can range anywhere from 20 minutes (Exterior-only photos) to 2.5 hours. When you are booking your appointment you will be given an approximate appointment duration and it will be listed on your confirmation email. In general, a basic or premium photo appointment will take about an hour. Adding services like a video or 3D tour can add 45 minutes to the appointment. Adding drone photos or a floorplan can add an extra 10-15 minutes to an appointment. These appointment durations are based on the expectation that the home is ready to be photographed upon my arrival. Please communicate the anticipated appointment duration to your client so they know what to expect and will be prepared prior to the start of the appointment. 

Does the direction the front of the house faces affect the quality of the photos?

In general, the front of the home (or lakefront face of the home) should be illuminated to prevent a shadowy, dark photo of what will most likely be used as the cover photo of the listing. If clouds are present, this no longer matters for photos, and the lighting will be even. If you'd like to schedule your shoot during the theoretical optimal time for photos, you can use the following as a guide:

North facing: 10am-3pm

West facing: Early afternoon

East facing: 10am-noon

South facing: 9am-4pm

I only need "x" amount of photos, do you do prorate services?

I don't prorate services, but every once in a while I do update my service menu if I see a need to modify what I offer. 

Weather is not going to be very good on the day/time of my shoot. Will you return to the property to finish the services I ordered?

Weather can complicate things when it comes to ordering extra services. A sky replacement is automatically applied to ground level photos. Weather is mainly an issue when it comes to drone flights, as wind, rain, snow, and fog can prevent a flight from being possible. Video can also be affected by weather because the camera's lens tends to get rain or snow on it while outdoors, and there's no sky replacement/weather removal. Appointments can be cancelled up to 4 hours prior to the appointment without any cancellation fee. Please check a reliable weather report to decide if the shoot should be rescheduled. In the event all of the ordered services cannot be completed during the day/time of you appointment, you may choose to have me return to complete the services and a return fee will be added to the final invoice. Return & cancellation fees can be found on the Service Terms page.  

I ordered the Marketing Kit/Property Website. How do I add/change information?

The Marketing Kit is chock full of great posts, flyers, and slideshows for you to use to give your listing a boost when it comes to marketing. The Property Website seamlessly pre-fills all of your photos and media and allows for easy distribution as a one-stop shop for all of the information potential buyers want to see. To add or change information on either of these features, I have created tutorials to help you:

Marketing Kit Tutorial

Property Website Tutorial

I have photos that the homeowner took during the height of summer/spring. Will you edit these?

Sometimes a home will be marketed when many plants/trees are not in bloom and our Michigan seasons can prevent landscaping from being at its absolute best. If the homeowner has photos of their home from the ideal seasons you may include them in your listing but I do not edit them.

I/my client is not happy with the photos/video/etc. Can I get a refund?

Through this is an extremely rare occurrence, it is highly recommended that you view my most recent work prior to making an appointment. You may view a regularly updated list of my most recent shoots here. Photos are taken and edited in a consistent manner, and every effort is made to ensure quality and accuracy of the spaces. Any requests for re-edits may be considered (depending on the type of editing requested, it may not be possible without compromising the photo or being a completely different editing style) and quoted. If an edit is not desired, no refunds are issued for services rendered. 

I can't see my video/Matterport/website on a third party platform (, why is this?

Third party platforms that are not the MLS have undergone many changes over the past few years as their priorities may change. The biggest changes have been made by Zillow, as they have terminated their video platform and Matterport tour platform to emphasize its Zillow 3D feature (I do offer Zillow 3D tours). still displays your video/Matterport/website if you have entered the link into your MLS listing. Other third party platforms may require that you manually upload your video file or input your Video/Matterport/website link to your listing through their website. If you're having trouble or need clarification, please reach out to the platform's support contact for the most accurate and updated information.

Do you take portraits/headshots?

Not at this time, but I'd be happy to make a referral.

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